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Marco Island is called the most developed island in the whole of Florida. The most attractive thing is its climate change and proximity. The visitors can enjoy the beautiful wildlife and excellent views of nature.

It’s the largest and the most developed island among Florida’s ten thousand islands. Marco Island is a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico off Southwest Florida, linked to the mainland by bridges south of the city of Naples. It’s home to resort hotels ,beautiful vacation rentals beaches, marinas, and golf courses, as well as a network of inland waterways. A long, sandy beach covers most of the west coast, with resort hotels in the south. Tigertail Beach Park has a tidal lagoon, popular for kayaking and paddleboarding. 

There are parks few miles away from the island. That apart, beautiful places are nicely decorated for the visitor to just come and enjoy the excellent views of nature. Below we are going to describe several tourist spots located on Marco Island.



Marco Island Has Some of The Best Beaches

Lined with almost 100 miles of palm trees, Marco Island provides both white sand beaches that come from the Gulf of Mexico on one side and mangrove estuaries. It also has access points to the Everglades National Park on the other side. So theirs allot to see.

With such a diverse natural landscape, one may feel like their head is spinning with the number of Marco Island activities available to them. Trying to narrow down the things to do in Marco Island may feel nearly impossible, here are a few things that can help!

You can find a wide variety of nature-based activities and indoor adventures. From boat tours to golfing, to shopping and dining, to even exploring a plantation, the options are endless for things to do when visiting Marco Island.

To help you narrow down your itinerary, we’ve compiled a few things to do in Marco Island and the surrounding area for the perfect vacation, no matter your itinerary. 


Marco Island Boat Tours




Marco Island Dolphin Tour



Marco Island Shelling Tours


Marco Island Has Plenty of Places To Visit

Visitors of Marco Island will never have a shortage of activities to do during your stay. Relaxing at the beach or spending your days in the water and your nights in the town, Marco Island has plenty of options to accommodate any interest.


Marco Island Boat Tours

Marco Island Boat Tours is an educational tour operator working in Florida's 10,000 Islands National Wildlife Refuge, Everglades National Park and the surrounding protected areas. All guides are formally trained Florida Master Naturalists, Environmental Educators and Full-Time Outdoor Leaders



What Shelling In Marco Island shelling Like?


You take a 3.5-hour tour to secluded islands with pristine beaches covered with exotic seashells that lay untouched. Whether you’re an avid sheller looking to get a lesson from a shelling expert, or a beginner wanting an educational experience learning about seashells and wildlife, the tours  are meant for all ages. Their tour guides are dedicated to helping our guests get the most out of their shell collecting efforts.

Because of the location of some of the islands off the coast of Marco Island with currents from the ocean gliding by them, particular shells such as the Junonia, Conch, and Alphabet Cone lay untouched on secluded islands.

Have people in your group who would rather lounge on the beach? No problem. They will take the thrill-seekers out while the loungers enjoy isolated beaches to themselves

The tours are $125/adult & $90/kids 12 and younger.


Marco Island Shelling

730 Palm Point Drive
Marco Island, 34145




Dolphin Tours 

Turn your family’s trip to Southwest Florida into one for the ages with a once-in-a-lifetime excursion into dolphin territory. Explore the waters surrounding Marco Island, Naples, Fort Myers, and Sanibel Island in one of our 6-passenger boats and gain unbelievable access to local dolphin pods. 

The best part? Dolphin sighting is just the start of your three-hour journey – after passing by dolphin pods in the open water, Marco Island Dolphin Tour takes guests to secluded parts of the Ten Thousand Islands for a world-famous shelling experience.
  • 740 Palm Point Dr, Marco Island,
    FL 34145, United States
  • Call  239-301-8914

Marco Beach 

Marco beach is one of the ten thousand beaches of The Gulf of Mexico. It is called the door of  The Gulf of Mexico. The sand of the beach is while and the water is crystal clear. A great place for the honeymoon spot of camping.
The beach is located just beside the town and palm trees are sideways in a row. You cant help avoiding the beautiful looks of this spot if you are a beach lover.
Unlike the other beaches, Marco beach does not contain too many visitors around the year. But you cant judge its beauty by the number of visitors.

Cape Romano Island

Cape Romano island is located in the south of Marco Island. The main attraction of the island is the Dome House. It was built in 1981. Millions of people visit the place every year for its eye-catching beauty. The island is included among the ten thousand islands of Florida. The island looks more beautiful when it is viewed during the sunset. Just imaging you are standing in the white dome in the middle of an island and watching the setting sun disappearing into the horizon its amazing.
Its a must see. Make sure to add it in your next vacation plan.

 Marco Island Historical Museum

Marco Island Historical Museum is one of the most remarkable and influential placements in North America. It displays the extincted history of Calusa Indians and brings their vanished history to life.
The museum contains a huge amount of information about the Calusa Indians and their civilization that was a great source of knowledge for history lovers. Not just for visiting, but the students of history can also visit the museum and take their necessary information about the historical civilization.
That apart, the spot also contains information about the history of Marco Island and how it developed over the past few years.

Marco Island 
Historical Museum

180 South Heathwood Drive
Marco Island, FL 34145


Tues-Sat 9 AM - 4 PM

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